OPTINET, a Dynamic Marketing company consists of energetic men and women who share very close ideals and determination to make a living out of opportunities available to them. The coming together as a group was as a result of participating in marketing activities such us penetration checks, product distribution, product testing and surveys. We believe winning a business depends on an enthusiastic approach, combined with reliability and long-term business support.

To actively pursue this, business development team usually assess the changing needs of consumers and offer them service with awareness and understanding. We are a specialized team of Marketers, well disciplined, trained and confident enough to reach out into today's expanded and diverse markets locally and internationally.

Optinet specializes in developing distribution networks and direct supply of goods. We basically take cognizance of specific situations and develop the ideal strategies and concepts for the achievement of our goals. We partner clients, entrepreneurs and individuals in the search for or the conveyance of solutions to targets.

Optinet advises on and takes up target marketing, regional and national distribution of goods and services. We understand that retail mix variables are crucial elements to developing strategies chosen in serving our customers. We believe that the combinations to these variables are infinite and allows for handling diverse products and advising our clients.

We have had close associations with companies and manufacturers and handled Commodities, IT Products, FMCGs, Apparel etc. We are interested in challenges and are well connected countrywide where our distribution activities have given us the necessary exposure enabling us assist or carry out contracts.


If you have responsibility for delivering these results within your organization or on behalf of another organization, contact us to discuss your needs.


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P. O. Box CT 1933 Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

Tel: +233 21 785 818.

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