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SMS 4 Small Businesses
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SMS for Small Businesses

Are you a small or medium size business, looking for a cost effective medium to grow and retain your customers. The direct and personal nature of SMS text marketing means that it's worth considering as an additional means of communicating with existing and potential customers.

We can design bespoke low-cost business models to make mobile marketing a practical solution for even the smallest businesses that wants to establish a one-on-one relationship with their customers. You could be anything from an estate agent, garage, restaurant chain, local nightclub, independent retailer, or even a charity.

Ghanasms designed tools are easy to use and our pricing model is flexible, we can help you run a campaign and benefit from SMS text for about the same effort and cost it would take to produce and deliver a printed brochure or an add in your local newspaper campaign. Lets’ talk about sms and find out details about how SMS text can help your business.



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