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If you are a business, brand owner or media agency then ghanasms can offer you full agency services for SMS marketing campaigns. We will help you identify your market, advise on the best tools to use and implement your SMS campaign.

With direct mail, print, TV and radio already saturated, not to mention costs. SMS is a powerful medium that has a personal nature. The response rates of SMS marketing are phenomenal up to 10 times that of direct marketing. We at ghanasms are experienced at advising clients and helping agencies on how to use SMS text to interact with customers. We offer a full marketing consultancy service that helps you to gather peoples’ details and use our marketing solutions to your advantage. With almost two million people in Ghana owning a mobile phone and over 50% using SMS texting, mobile marketing is a real part of today's marketing mix.

If you are thinking about carrying out a campaign contact us to see how we can help you.



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